Tender 11. VULKAN-Cross-Triathlon 2020 — VULKAN-Distanz/ Sprint/ Staffel

Rheinland-Pfalz-Meisterschaft 2019/ XTERRA German-Tour

Approval number :

Date : Saturday,  01. Aug. 2020
SC Blau-Weiß Schalkenmehren 1958 e.V.
Zur Sternwarte 13
54552 Schalkenmehren/ Vulkaneifel

Head of organization:
Lothar Kaspers
Auf dem Flur 25
54552 Schalkenmehren

Phone : +49 6592 – 98 07 14 oder +49 151 – 50678852
Mail : info@cross-triathlon-schalkenmehren.de

Competition Jury :
Is in accordance with § 6 of the Organizer and organizers order of the DTU by Referees educated.

Arbitral Tribunal :
Is in accordance with § 7 of the Organizer and organizers order of the DTU by Referees educated.


Age Group/Categories/Ratings:

Designation AG Vintage Presentation Ceremony male Presentation Ceremony female
Position 1 to 3 All
Ages Group according to DTU SpO
Position 1 to 3 All
Ages Group according to DTU SpO
AG 0 18-19 2001-2002
AG 1 20-24 1996-2000
AG 2 25-29 1995-1991
AG 3 30-34 1990-1986
AG 4 35-39 1985-1981
Seniors 1 40-44 1980-1976
Seniors 2 45-49 1975-1971
Seniors 3 50-54 1970-1966
Seniors 4 55-59 1970-1961
Seniors 5 60-64 1960-1956
Seniors 6 65-69 1955-1951
Seniors 7 70-74 1950-1946


Prize Money:

The top three finishers after the finish of the Vulkan-Distanz get a prize according to the following scale:

Place 1. – 500 Euro
Place 2. – 300 Euro
Place 3. – 100 Euro .

The prize money is paid only if at least 300 numbers were issued. If this number of participants drops, instead of prize money winners will receive valuable prizes and each a cup.

The top three finishers (F/M) on the Sprint track will receive a trophy and a winner present. The winners of the AG will receive a trophy / medal..


Competitive Conditions:

In addition to the participants more athletes can participate in the RLP-Meisterschaft at the volcano VULKAN-Distanz.  The results are transmitted the tour operators. By registering, the participant of data sharing at the XTERRA-German-Tour agrees to. The honors in the series takes place after the final race of the same.

The participants in our competitions are not subject to the  day license duty.


in addition to the Championships is a rating in the XTERRA German-Tour. All participants agree to the transfer of the results to the Organizer. The scoring for the XTERRA will be only for the participants of the VULKAN-Distanz.



Running track: 1 x drinks
Target food: Iso drink, water, bars, fruit, cake



The timing is electronically with foot transponder. A corresponding neoprene Velcro tape is required to attach the transponder at the ankle.

Both tapes can be purchased either in the shop when the timekeeper or the start document output in the marquee. 7,00 euro and the costs per band are not included in the entry fee.

Own chip bands can be used. The fixing strap (Velcro) must be 30 mm wide Max. Time recording via floor mats.

The transponders are temporary tag and will be returned at check-out in Exchange for the wheel. At premature exit from the competition, the transponder also only at the check-out in Exchange for the wheel is to return.

Not return, wanton destruction or loss of, a fee will be EUR 20,00 in invoice.



No foreign tag must be worn during the competition!

Unofficial results lists are with all intermediate and end times updated and published. The official result list (§ 15 VAO) will be published at the latest on the day after the competition on the Internet on the homepage of the sponsor.



  • Limited washing / shower facilities in the schalkenmehren Maar bath.
  • More shower facilities exist Schalkenmehren, Auf Koop, Schalkenmehren on the sports field. The sports field is located approximately 800 metres from the exhibition grounds.
  • Care by a doctor in the target area and through Red Cross paramedic with a central help accident in the target area. Doctor and paramedic can be driven with quad to the respective scene to care of the injured. In addition, a Ambulance of the DRK available stand.
  • Assistants with lifeguard training (DLRG) and more VCT as supervision in the waters.
  • Bike check and minor repairs at the stand desRadshops in the vicinity of the finish.
  • Parking in Schalkenmehren: Visitor parking, Maar visitors, sports field schalkenmehren, in the streets „Auf dem Flur“, „Weinbachstr“ and „Udlerstr.“ And designated parking areas (see also Park signs).
  • Online certificates expression on portal of the Trisys.
  • Free admission to the after race party in the tent for athletes and a companion. At seasons for all relay participants plus a companion ever. Admission Ribbons are included in the starter package. These are set to wear on the wrist.


  • Online registration via www.cross-triathlon-schalkenmehren.de from 01.01.2020 to 23.07.2020, 24:00 o’clock
  • Later applications are only up to reach the participant limit (400) possible.
  • All participants will receive a confirmation after the online registration by mail. The registration is confirmed upon receipt of the entry fee but only.
  • The login status can be found on the starters list on the website of the timekeeper. In the list, only those are recorded, whose entry fee is received in the account of the VCT.

Start money:

  • VULKAN-Distanz:

Message and payment up to the 31.03.2020  45,00 €
Message and payment up to the  14.07.2020 : 55,00 €

  • Sprintdistanz:

Message and payment up to the 31.03.2020:                     45,00 €

Message and payment up to the 14.07.2020:                     50,00 €

  • Staffel:

Message and payment up to the 31.03.2020:                     50,00 €

Message and payment up to the  14.07.2020:                    60,00 €

  • Staffel VULKAN-Distanz:

Message and payment up to the  31.03.2020:                    60,00 €

Message and payment up to the  14.07.2020:                    65,00 €


In addition to the entry fee, the DTU doping tax will be charged of €1.00.


Pick up the start documents:

Participants at the German Championchips /RLP-Meisterschaft:
A valid DTU start pass or a start of the home country must be presented when collecting the documentation!
Participants who are not counted in the Championship, need not start pass and no day license!

The start number the issue takes place in the marquee before the Maarbad Schalkenmehren..

Saturday, 01.08.2020 — 10:00 bis 12:30 Uhr


Competition meeting:

Saturday, 01.08.2020, 13:30 Uhr Swim entered Maarbad Schalkenmehren.
The participation of athletes in the race meeting is highly recommended!


Check-in in the transition zone from 11.30 Uhr until no later than 13.30 Uhr
At intake, a material check is carried out. The Exchange zone area is continuously numbered..

Check in/registration the swim start no later than 13:50 Uhr.
The registration of the athletes before the swim is done by the foot transponder at check in swimming. If an athlete has checked in, but does not start, he has to register himself correctly with the responsible persons (organizer / organizer, competition court)! Does he not deregistration and thereby incur additional costs (search by rescue workers, and so on) then are these costs by the polluter to pay!

Only the issued caps may be worn in competition!!!


Are admitted only MTB with 26″, 27,5″ und 29″ Bikes or Fatbikes!


Start time : Saturday, 01.08.2020, 14:00 o’clock

The start takes place for the RLP-Meisterschaft and the other participants in the VULKAN-Distanz/ Sprintdistanz/ Staffel  relay in common water start!

All participants of VULKAN-Distanz in the race are sent in a first startup block.
The Sprintstrecke (Einzel/ Staffel) starts after the last shore leave on the VULKAN-Distanz.
All participants must check-in at the swimming entry electronically and then may no longer leave the waiting area!!!

Exchange Bike – Run: 17.30 Uhr
Destination final: 18:40 Uhr
Checkout Transition no later than: 19:00 Uhr


Award ceremony:

Award ceremony of the  RLP- Meisterschaft ca. 18:30 Uhr.
Award ceremony of the Top 3 M and Top 3 W Total from about 18:30 clock in the marquee. Then After-Race-Rock-Night!



Start from approx. 21:00 participants plus one accompanying person will receive free admission to the After Race Party.

The entry bands are the start documentation at. You must be worn at the entrance to the wrist.



The VULKAN-Cross-Triathlon Schalkenmehren takes place in the holiday region of Daun. It is strongly recommended to book the accommodation schalkenmehren or info of the holiday region of Daun early about the tourist info. In addition, camping facilities are schalkenmehren available on the sports field. The Club building has a sufficient number of toilets and showers. There is a living room with fully equipped kitchenette and refrigerator. Reservations for the provisional free camping on the sports ground of schalkenmehren via:

Mail: info@cross-triathlon-schalkenmehren.de


Important note:

The competition regulations of the German Triathlon underlie Union (sport rules, organizer – and tracking order, Bundesliga order, anti-doping regulations, judging regulations), as well as legal and procedure and disciplinary regulations of the event.
This can be seen from the organiser and on the competition day at the launch pad Edition.
With the registration the participant recognizes’s / terms and conditions of the sponsor binding the competition rules and the legal and procedural regulations as well as the terms and conditions as for themselves.
Each participant is responsible for the State and the safety of its equipment.



The participation is at your own risk. The participants waive all legal claims, third-party organiser / host. Organizers / managers and stakeholders, and sponsors assume no liability whatsoever for damage or injury suffered by the participants. With your registration and payment of the entry fee, all registered participants and starters confirm that you are physically strong and healthy. The Organizer / sponsor assumes no liability for loss and damage of bikes and material. Each participant should be insured accordingly. The Organizer assumes no liability for accidents and claims for damages.


Declaration of consent:

With your registration to the volcanic cross Triathlon and the payment of the entry fee, the participants acknowledge the liability of the organiser / sponsor for injuries or damages of any kind.
At the same time, the participant declares that he is healthy and has a sufficient State of training. His competition material is located in a technically perfect condition. The participant agrees, that it can be given the registration for intermodal personal data for the timing and photo service also. To do this, the data is stored electronically. You may in connection with the event of photos, film footage and interviews be passed free of charge and released.
No recourse claims force majeure, transfer or cancellation of the event are possible.
The registration is only valid after payment of the entry fee (the copy of the remittance slip may bring).
There is no entitlement to reimbursement when non-participation.
The organiser / organiser reserves, making race to changing conditions or to cancel individual race.

Stand: 01/2020